The Spring Customer Conference of Quang Son Cement Joint Stock Company
Posted Date: 03.12.2018

On March 12, 2018 at Quang Son Cement Plant, Dong Hy District, Thai Nguyen, Quang Son Cement Joint Stock Company, a member of Vietnam Industrial Construction Corp., held a customer meeting in the beginning of spring 2018.

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Attending the meeting were leaders and employees of Quang Son Cement Joint Stock Company and guests from many provinces of Vietnam.

This is a chance for the company's leaders to thank the customers and partners who have been cooperating and continuing to sell the company's cement products. At the conference, the Company fully informed to delegates the situation of product consumption, quality of service and new sales policies of the Company.

In the year 2017, cement market is constantly fluctuating and increasingly competitive, Quang Son Cement Company has done restructuring of production organization as well as sales system to improve efficiency operation to follow general requirements of the market mechanism. Besides traditional customers who have been attached to the Company before, the Company has expanded a number of new customers, with the aim of collaborating more effectively, towards real interests of consumers. The Rhinestone Cement brand has reached out to consumers all over the country, promising a new year of prosperity along with the construction industry.

Customer Conference is the opportunity for the Company to show respect, effective cooperation and cooperation with the company's customers and partners. This is also the sincere and meaningful gratitude that Quang Son Cement Joint Stock Company sent to customers.

Speaking at the conference, Mr. Ha Quang Sang, Company's Director, once again affirmed the target to customers, customers is the center for all production and service activities of the Company. The Company will continue to work out appropriate policies, bringing benefits to customers first, through customers to expand the scope of activities of the company so as Quang Son Cement products could contribute in more projects as well as appear in many regions throughout the country. Mr. Ha Quang Sang also specially respects and expects the stable relationship that the Company and its partners and customers have built.

Some images of the conference: 

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