VINAINCON was formed in 1998 as the result of a merger among 9 medium-sized local construction companies under Ministry of Industry (now called as Ministry of Industry and Trade). The Company began to quickly establish itself as a professionally managed construction group and rapidly gained the market acceptance. 

The enlarged group enabled VINAINCON to complete various projects in all over the country. Our major businesses are construction, property development, installation and fabrication of non-standard steel structures, supply of construction materials, minerals. We can offer Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC) services for local and foreign clients.

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VINAINCON promotes the concept that a business has an obligation to do more than just generate a profit for itself. Our primary focuses are the environment protection, donating to the local charities, training labors and volunteering activities.

The way we design and build our projects surely has a social impact that can last for decades. The lifespan and the beauty of the projects that we build, therefore, reflect the country’s economical, technical and educational development. We are proud of what we have done for the communities for now and the future.  


We aspire to be the first Vietnamese company listed in the world’s best construction contractors displayed on ENG

Customers and stock holders will find their benefits are our primary concern in every product and service we provide, for our entire field of expertise.

Employees will work in an environment optimized to promote their strength, independence and creativity. The directorial and managerial boards will implement an open intellectual environment for employees to communicate and contribute. Collegial synergism will allow them to achieve the extraordinary.

Communities: As evident by our success, VINAINCON continues to safeguard community interests, promoting sound management of resources, contributing to a green, beautiful and sustainable environment and a stable, safe and prosperous community.



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