Registered Services

1. Construction:

- Architectural Works:

Industrial buildings (mechanical plant, electronic, telecommunications, chemical, petrol-chemical, fertiliser, steel production, procession project: garment, shoe, tobacco plant, etc.), Office building, Hospital, Hotel, Airport Terminal, Port Facility, Dormitory, Apartment Complex, Warehouse, School Building, Theatre, Shopping Complex, Resort Facility, Sport Centre, Landscape, etc.

- Civil Works:

Dam, Reclamation, Irrigation System, Airport, Port & Harbour, Industrial & Urban Zone development, Water supply and Sewerage System, road and highway, Site development and Plant Foundation, etc.

- Electrical, Instrument and Telecommunication Works:

Power Plant (Thermal, Hydro, Combined Cycle), Transformer Station, Transmission Line and Power Distribution Systems up to 500KV, Instrumentation and Control System, Telecommunication Works (Outside and Inside Plants), etc.

2. Consultant and Engineering:

Consultant for Investment, Feasibility Study, Project Management, Geological Survey, Engineering and detailed design, Estimation, Technical Supervision, Quality Assurance and Control of Industrial & Civil project, design of power projects up to 220KV.

3. Manufacturing:

- Steel structure and mechanical fabrication:

Fabrication of pre-engineering steel building, customised equipment, and other mechanical products and steel structure such as: tank, vessel, pipeline, thermal exchange system, door, steel scaffolding, power and telecommunication poles and other mechanical industrial and civil products.

- Concrete and pre-cast concrete:

P.C beam, column, , concrete pipe, concrete piles.

4. Construction material: 

Cement, Tiles, Brick, Ceramic Tiles and other materials used in construction.

- Equipment Production and reparation:

Crane and other lifting equipment, construction vehicle, other facilities.

- Exploitation:

Sand, Gravel, Stone, and other construction materials.

5. Transportation and Tourism;

6. Import & Export;

7. Minerals Exploitation; Housing Development; Transference of concrete technology.