Capability Statement
1.1. Heavy Industrial projects:

VINAINCON have participated in many important projects not only construction but also installation of completed production line: Tan Rai Bauxite sorting plant, Sin Quyen Cooper mining and metallurgy complex, Thai Nguyen Zinc factory; Chemical plants: Danang Rubber, Lam Thao Super Phosphate fertilizer, Apatite Lao Cai, Ha Bac and Phu My Amoniac and urea…; Cement plants: Thai Nguyen, But Son, Thang Long, Lam Thach, Hoang Long…Steel plants: Thai Nguyen steel expansion, Phu My cold-rolled steel, Lotus cold-rolled steel...



1.2. Power, Refinery and Oil Plants projects:

VINAINCON staff and workers have taken part in construction and erection of machines, industrial equipments and high pressure pine lines, boiler, automatic control systems at many power plants with advanced technology and high accuracy in accordance with international standards.

These plants include Pha Lai 2, Cao Ngan Thermal Power Plant, Phu My 2-1 Thermal Power Plant, Quang Tri Hydropower Plant, Dung Quat Refinery, Vung Ang Thermal Power Plant, Phu Quy Wind Power Plant…

1. 3. Light Industrial projects: 

In the process of national industrialization and modernization, VINAINCON has taken part and cooperated with local and international contractors in construction over 130 projects of various scale in light industry such as factories of electronic, pharmaceutical, textile, food, paper producing and shoes.

Projects were newly completed by VINAINCON: Binh Duong food processing factory, Dong Nai -OPC Pharmaceutical factory, Hung Yen Textile factory, Vinamilk factory, Binh Duong- OPC Pharmaceutical factory, Samsung Mobile, Orion Vina, Piaggio Vietnam…

1.4. Civil and Infrastructure projects: 

VINAINCON join civil projects as road and highway, dam, reclamation, airport, port and harbor, Industrial & Urban zone, water supply and sewerage system, site leveling and filling...Projects were carried out by VINAINCON including Hai Van Pass Tunnel,Thu Thiem Resettlement Area in Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh Hi-Tech Park, Noi Bai International Airport, Da Nang International Airport, Lang -Hoa Lac Highway, Saigon Container Port…

1.5. Transmission Line and Substation projects:

Nearly 50 years experience in power construction field, the Power construction Companies (PCCs), members of VINAINCON, have executed almost transmission line systems and power substations from 110kV up to 500kV in Vietnam and Laos. Especially, the North- South 500kV super high voltage transmission line carried out by these companies, have marked a historic period for the electricity of Vietnam.

Some projects have been newly completed such as Nha Be- Long An 500kV line, Quang Ninh- Thuong Tin 500kV line, Vinh Tan- Song May 500kV line, Quang Ninh 500kV station, Son La 500kV station, Song May 500kV station…


VINAINCON’s design consultants, especially Vinaincon E&C (CCDC) with experiences drawn from investors, local contractors & abroad, and from project implementation, have always been able to meet the high requirements of consultancy and design.

Our consultants specialize in Feasibility Study, Project Management, Engineering & Design and Construction Supervision including civil, industrial, hotel & office construction, transmission & substation up to 500kV… contribute to EPC & turn-key project capability of VINAINCON. 

Anh LG Display HP.JPG

VINAINCON has preferential strength in architectural construction. In recent years, the Corporation has constructed many high-rise buildings, offices, hospitals, commercial complexes, hotels and luxurious resorts. 

to hop Nha o VP 119 Cau Giay.jpg

VINAINCON technical experts have been highly appreciated by customers for their timely and quality architectural projects. The Corporation has built offices for ministries, People’s Committee, People’s Council and other authorities as well as hospitals and schools all over the country.  


3. 1. Steel Structure and Non-standard equipment:

The Corporation network of steel structure plants locate in Hanoi, Bac Giang, Hai phong, Ho Chi Minh City with its capacity exceeding 40,000ton annually. Plants are professional units in design, manufacture and assembling of construction steel structures, pre- engineered steel structure, non- standard products for hydro electric power plants, thermal power plants, cement plants, steel rolling mill & metal roofing items. They also provide all kinds of zinc, color plated roof and cladding sheet with customized thickness, color and length..

All plants apply the production management system and quality standards of ISO 9001-2008 for fields of design, production, and assemblies of steel structures as well as pressure equipment.

3.2. Hydraulic mechAnical Equipment:

In recent years, VINAINCON has been highly valued by many clients in manufacturing hydraulic mechanical equipment: penstocks, pressure pipe, water gate, segment valve, latch hook, all kind of overhead crane up to 500 ton...

VINAINCON has manufactured hydraulic mechanical equipment for Power plants, such as A Luoi Hydropower, Ban Chat, A Vuong Hydropower, Pleikrong, Sesan 4, Buon Kuop Hydropower, Buon Tua Srah, Son La Hydropower...

3.3. Galvanized steel pole:

VINAINCON have invested in modern system of machinery, producing hot dipped galvanizing steel pole with capacity of 10,000 ton/year. Hot dipped galvanized products are controlled via management system in accordance with TCVN ISO 9001-2008 and standard 18 TCN-04-92 certified by QUACERT.

3.4. Prestressed centrifugal concrete:

The pre-stressed centrifugal concrete products of VINAINCON such as round pile with diameter up to 800mm, concrete poles, sheeting piles, culverts, concrete components…produced by high end technology. Our stable product quality assures the solidity and strict requirements of all high quality construction projects. Concrete products of VINAINCON are controlled by quality management system according to ISO 9001-2008 certified by QMS Australia and QUANCERT Vietnam.

VINAINCON pre-stressed centrifugal concrete plants are located in Hai Duong, Ho Chi Minh City and An Giang. Thanks to continuous quality improvement, cost reduction efforts and best service, VINAINCON’s products have been provided to many projects and appreciated by customers.


- Cement produced by Quang Son Cement:

Quang Son Cement is a product invested by VINAINCON. It applies rotary kiln technology, the most advanced production line provided by FCB Ciment- France, with capacity of 4,000 ton clinker/day equivalent to 1.51 million ton annually. 

- Tiles, Brick, Ceramic Tiles, Sand, Gravel, Stone and other materials used in construction.


Our expert construction procurement services include the following:

- Advising public and private sector clients on the procurement and funding of construction works and services.

- Advising contractors, consultants and specialist sub-contractors on the supply of construction works and services.

- Advising funders and investors on investment in construction projects, including project finance.

- Advising on appropriate procurement strategies, and regulated procurement in the public and utilities sectors.

- Drafting and negotiating all forms of construction documentation.

- Advising on project security arrangements.

- Providing specialist advice on the procurement of energy, transport, waste, infrastructure, education, commercial development and regeneration projects.